Sunday finds!

What does your front door say about you? When selling your property, kerb appeal will help buyers fall in love with your home.

You have two choices: You can either set the scene to a pleasant viewing or imagine you are going on a first date and he or she arrives looking totally disheveled with dirty sneakers or with a pair of leggings, blazer and loafers (weird, right?). Your first thoughts would be “this is not looking good” and you have started your date on the back foot.

Same thing if you arrive and your front door and every thing around it looks dirty and unkept or the front door just doesn’t match the property.

It is also important to think about security and privacy. Although it’s great to allow light through you need to consider how you do it.
Having a huge glass panel not only allows anyone to look in but means you must keep your entrance hall looking pristine at all time. Forget going around in your underwear or dancing around the house unless you want to frighten your neighbours or the postman!

So do take careful consideration when choosing your front door. Don’t allow it to be an after thought.

Hopefully you will be inspired with some of the ideas we are sharing with you.

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Happy Sunday!

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