Explore the essential elements of selling your home with our expert advice. Discover how pricing, promotion, and presentation can help you achieve a successful sale and move forward with confidence.

Is selling your home proving to be more challenging than anticipated? It’s disheartening when your home seems stuck while others in the area are swiftly snapped up, leaving their owners happily moving forward. But fear not, there’s hope yet! Selling your house may seem daunting, but it really boils down to three essential steps: price, promotion, and presentation. Get these right, and you’ll have potential buyers flocking to your doorstep like never before.


You might have heard the notion that pricing items just under a whole number attracts more buyers—after all, who doesn’t love a deal? But when it comes to selling your home, things aren’t so straightforward. Listing your home just under a rounded figure may seem savvy, but it could actually limit your audience. Websites such as Rightmove often filter properties by price categories, and those nice, rounded figures you’ve been avoiding? They’re the cut off points. So, by listing at £699,995 instead of £700,000, you’re missing out on buyers with budgets extending to the next category.


First impressions count, and the same goes for your property listing. Investing in high-quality photography is essential—it’s the first thing potential buyers will see. Ensure your photos showcase your home’s unique features and create an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, ditch the jargon in your property descriptions. Instead, use emotive language to paint a picture of the lifestyle your home offers.


Preparing your home for viewings is crucial. Clear clutter, tone down any overly eccentric decor, and create an inviting atmosphere with thoughtful touches such as fresh flowers or scented candles. Think about the sensory experience too—nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies to make a house feel like a home.

By understanding the psychology behind pricing, leveraging the power of compelling visuals and descriptions, and creating an inviting environment for viewings, you can create a winning formula for success in the real estate market.

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Now armed with the three ‘P’s’ of selling your home, you’re well on your way to securing that sale and sailing off into the sunset.

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