For the past 3 years, Bees Homes has run a Christmas campaign to recognise the contributions people make to their local community. This year has been like no other due to the impact of Covid-19; while support has been forthcoming for individuals and larger businesses, smaller independents have been mainly overlooked.

Our 2020 campaign, following on from the series of “Coping with Covid” Facebook live sessions we ran during the first lockdown, aims to promote local businesses at a time when they most need it, ahead of Christmas!

The Campaign

From 1st December Bees Homes will be showcasing 12 local independent businesses. Compliant with Covid-19 requirements, we will conduct a 5-minute face to face interview with each business during which they will reveal their giveaway.

These prerecorded interviews will be broadcast daily on our Facebook from 1st to the 12th at 8am. We will encourage viewers and/or followers to tag and like both businesses then enrol them into the giveaway.

At 1pm the following day we will conduct a live draw from those who’ve entered.

What’s in it for our partners?

  • Increased traffic to your Facebook page, more engagement and more awareness;
  • Exposure to a different audience: our followers will be the type of clients to buy your product or service;
  • Be part of the “Buy local, buy later, buy local online“, being run by regional chambers of commerce and business associations.